A “Clean” Soul

This week, we delve into two parahshot that are mostly famous for their dealings with the condition known as “leprosy.” The Torah describes a very specific protocol for how to identify, treat, quarantine, and eventually purify someone who has been afflicted with “tzaraat.” Leviticus chapter 13, verse 2 says, “When a man shall have inContinue reading “A “Clean” Soul”

Something to Nosh on

Rabbi Avdimi of Haifa is said to have taught that: “Before a man eats and drinks, he [being distraught] has two hearts. After he eats and drinks, he has but one heart” (Baba Batra 12b). It is no secret that historically, the Jewish people have a strong relationship with food. Yes, many traditions have aContinue reading “Something to Nosh on”

Find Your Baby Voice

My current night-time read is To Pray as a Jew by Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin. I have written of him before, and have learned a lot from another one of his books, the simply named, To Be a Jew. This current book truly breaks down the Siddur from an Orthodox point of view, and IContinue reading “Find Your Baby Voice”