A “Clean” Soul

This week, we delve into two parahshot that are mostly famous for their dealings with the condition known as “leprosy.” The Torah describes a very specific protocol for how to identify, treat, quarantine, and eventually purify someone who has been afflicted with “tzaraat.” Leviticus chapter 13, verse 2 says, “When a man shall have inContinue reading “A “Clean” Soul”

Replace the Rhetoric, Please

I wish this post was unlike so many of the others that I have written in my short time publishing this blog. Last night we had a beautiful Chanukah celebration at our home. Family was here, and we ate traditional foods, played some fun games, lit the menorah, and simply spent joyous time together. LastContinue reading “Replace the Rhetoric, Please”

Watching Rockets From America

Tonight is the 4th night of Chanukah, and our family went over to my mother’s to light the candles and order Chinese food. Since it happens to be Christmas today, Chinese was the plan. We all know that Jews and Chinese food on Christmas are like latkes and applesauce. They just go together. As weContinue reading “Watching Rockets From America”

“The Struggle Israel”

I would like to open this blog as a place of thoughtful discussion and discourse. I have been wrestling, struggling, and contending with this topic for quite a while now. I must be forthright in admitting that I am by no means any sort of expert on this subject, and I wish to learn muchContinue reading ““The Struggle Israel””