For Yom HaShoah

As we observe Yom HaShoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day on a yearly basis, we are told the stories of death and the stories of survivial in the midst of the most tangible evil imaginable. The 6 million Jews who were murdered, and also the millions of others killed, can never be forgotten, lest we allowContinue reading “For Yom HaShoah”

Erev Pesach

As we approach Erev Pesach on 14 Nisan, we seemingly find ourselves in a situation that is frightening, isolative, and odd. We either read the news, or experience directly (or both), the horrors of a plague that have shaken the world. Some might find it strange to be talking about freedom from enslavement in EgyptContinue reading “Erev Pesach”

A Moment Ago

27 January 194527 January 2020 This did not happen 7 decades and 5 years ago.This happened yesterday. No.This happened a moment ago. 6 million of us.Not them.Us.6 million of our children.Children who were born prior to us.Our children because we care for them.We care for their legacy.We cannot let their memories fade with half aContinue reading “A Moment Ago”

One King Away

This week we have moved on in our Torah reading cycle to the Book of Exodus, or Shemot. This parshah is particularly resonant in one of its earliest messages. The Book of Genesis tells us of Jacob and his sons, and how Joseph became one of the most powerful people in all of Egypt, evenContinue reading “One King Away”

A Moment in a Train Car

While rummaging around the world of the internet, I came across the webpage for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, which dusted off memories that I have carried with me for some years now.  I was a guest artist in the Washington D.C. area in the fall of 2011 while rehearsing for a regional musicalContinue reading “A Moment in a Train Car”

Holocaust Horrors Are…Genetic?

In my professional life I often provide trainings on mental health, trauma-informed services, and suicide safety, among many other topics. One of my favorite trainings to provide to a wide variety of audiences focuses on trauma. In this particular program, I explain how adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are positively correlated with negative health outcomes laterContinue reading “Holocaust Horrors Are…Genetic?”