Before Bereishit: My Own Midrash

Shechinah had already sent Her spark Chava to tend a garden; a beautiful success of collaboration and cooperation. It was not so easy to grow anything from tohu vavohu, but the loving and nurturing femininity of the duo had resulted in great progress. Shechinah knew that perfection required constant perfecting, so She designed a grandContinue reading “Before Bereishit: My Own Midrash”

Tohu Vavohu

“Bereshit barah Elohim et haShamayim v’et ha’aretz—In the beginning G-d created the heaven and the earth” (Gen. 1:1).  Most of us are very familiar with the above words, as they are the first 7 of the 79,847 words that make up the Torah. This is also the first verse of the 5,845 verses that resultContinue reading “Tohu Vavohu”