Watching Rockets From America

Tonight is the 4th night of Chanukah, and our family went over to my mother’s to light the candles and order Chinese food. Since it happens to be Christmas today, Chinese was the plan. We all know that Jews and Chinese food on Christmas are like latkes and applesauce. They just go together. As weContinue reading “Watching Rockets From America”

Straddling the Line: A Jewish Moment in America

Now that the sun has officially set on the weekend, and a brand new week of work and hustle bustle has begun, I figured it would be a nice time to write about my beautifully Jewish weekend, and what has stemmed as a result. Friday night was a wonderful Shabbat evening service. Our Temple honoredContinue reading “Straddling the Line: A Jewish Moment in America”

Judaism is Enough: A Holiday Reminder

This topic is going to pop up more and more as our society moves into what we call “the holiday season.” There is no way to include every disparate opinion on this matter, so, since I have claimed this blog as my own, I will simply share mine. A friend’s recent Facebook post provided theContinue reading “Judaism is Enough: A Holiday Reminder”