A Calf and COVID-19

The parshah for this week comes at a time when illness, anxiety, and doubt are clouding the minds of most. The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19 has begun its spread in the United States, and in our very own state. It has even touched our town. Parshah Ki Tisa contains what I would consider one ofContinue reading “A Calf and COVID-19”

Hineini! “Here I am!”

So, I know it has been a minute since I have posted on here, but as you can see from the above family picture, we have a new little lady on the way, and life has been a bit hectic. However, I have been writing some Divrei Torah that I would like to share. TheseContinue reading “Hineini! “Here I am!””

A Moment Ago

27 January 194527 January 2020 This did not happen 7 decades and 5 years ago.This happened yesterday. No.This happened a moment ago. 6 million of us.Not them.Us.6 million of our children.Children who were born prior to us.Our children because we care for them.We care for their legacy.We cannot let their memories fade with half aContinue reading “A Moment Ago”

A Beard Discussion

I have a beard right now. So, facial hair always becomes a big deal for me. For some reason, whenever I begin to grow anything that starts to resemble a beard, a myriad of emotions and opinions get involved. My wife tends to like when I have a beard, and would also prefer that IContinue reading “A Beard Discussion”

Marching Together

Current Read: (((Semitism))): Being Jewish in America in the Age of Trump This evening I had the wonderful opportunity to be involved in an extremely important community event. Our Temple-Synagogue Religious School was part of robust programming for a community-wide celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., given that MondayContinue reading “Marching Together”

One King Away

This week we have moved on in our Torah reading cycle to the Book of Exodus, or Shemot. This parshah is particularly resonant in one of its earliest messages. The Book of Genesis tells us of Jacob and his sons, and how Joseph became one of the most powerful people in all of Egypt, evenContinue reading “One King Away”

Sorry to Kvetch

I do make a conscious effort to keep this blog as positive as possible, but let’s face it–sometimes we all need to kvetch a bit. As sleep seems to elude me on this particular night, I recently found myself scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. By nature of my interests (Jewish thought, study, practice, etc.) IContinue reading “Sorry to Kvetch”


I have been spending a lot of time lately thinking about what it means to be brave. When we are children, being brave and bold can start with sliding down the big slide on the playground for the first time, or finally taking that dive into the deep end of the pool during a swelteringContinue reading ““Go!””

Connection by Disconnecting

My brothers often make fun of me for being a bad millennial. They ask me why I even have an iPhone, and comment on the fact that I would likely be well-served by an old school style flip phone. “You use the ESPN app, the Internet and some Jewish apps.” This is true. I haveContinue reading “Connection by Disconnecting”

What Can We Do?

“What can we do?”  the Rabbi asked us to reflect upon these words during his drashah. Outside of the Temple, a New York State Trooper patrolled between the two local schuls, ensuring that the soft targets that are our houses of worship would not be welcoming to those whose intentions were troublesome or worse.  IContinue reading “What Can We Do?”