A Moment Ago

27 January 1945
27 January 2020

This did not happen 7 decades and 5 years ago.
This happened yesterday.

This happened a moment ago.

6 million of us.
Not them.
6 million of our children.
Children who were born prior to us.
Our children because we care for them.
We care for their legacy.
We cannot let their memories fade with half a breath.

How can one forget the horrors of a moment ago?

6 million children.
Children of ours and His or Hers.
6 million flames extinguished by evil fire.
Never slowly burning.
Blown out wildly by beasts.

It happened here.
It did not happen there.
Our children wept, scratched, clawed, gasped for final breaths.
Our children died.

How can we move on?
Forgive, even?

This did not happen 7 decades and 5 years ago.
This happened behind my heel.
Where my steps just were.

This was now.

The tears cannot dry.
The scars cannot heal.
The flowers cannot bloom.
The sun cannot rise.

The source of water still flows freely.
The wounds are fresh from today.
A child’s clothes cover the flower beds.
It is still night.

This happened a moment ago.

Published by Joshua Gray

I am Joshua Gray. I am a husband, father, not-for-profit-worker by day, and a former professional actor/singer. I am very active in the Jewish community in my area, helping to teach at religious school on Sundays, while also serving on the board of trustees at my local temple. My relationship with Judaism is a joy of mine, and I find great pleasure in studying texts and learning more and more Hebrew. I still enjoy warbling tunes, and I even got to sing the Kol Nidre on Yom Kippur, which was a definite highlight. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas for topics, conversations, or general inquiries. Shalom!

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