Shalom and Welcome to my “B’reshit”

This is the first post of my brand spanking new blog. Please subscribe, and pass the word along.

I am a 33 year-old Jewish guy living in Upstate New York. I will try to always remember to capitalize “Upstate,” due to the fact that “Upstate” to me means anything east of Syracuse and north of Albany. Upstate people are proud and super specific about this for no evidence-based reason.

I have a growing family, and I will surely talk a lot about them as I tackle many issues along our journey together. I also hope to get into the podcast game, so look for that in the future

Why do this?

  • I rediscovered (or revived) my own Judaism about a year ago, and would love a platform to connect with other people in a Jewish context.
  • I am very active in the Jewish community in my area, and I want this blog to serve as a haven for conversation, healthy debate, and humor that reaches out beyond the walls of my own schul.

I am actually celebrating becoming a Bar Mitzvah in November of this year. I am doing this 20 years later than most, and preparations, considerations, thoughts, and insights will be shared leading up to that November morning.

Help me make this blog into something special. Some posts will be more serious and research-based than others, while many will be musings or simple thoughts. More than anything, I hope to engage you, the reader, as I schlep my way through this whole online experience. Let’s talk.

More to come,


Published by Joshua Gray

I am Joshua Gray. I am a husband, father, not-for-profit-worker by day, and a former professional actor/singer. I am very active in the Jewish community in my area, helping to teach at religious school on Sundays, while also serving on the board of trustees at my local temple. My relationship with Judaism is a joy of mine, and I find great pleasure in studying texts and learning more and more Hebrew. I still enjoy warbling tunes, and I even got to sing the Kol Nidre on Yom Kippur, which was a definite highlight. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas for topics, conversations, or general inquiries. Shalom!

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